The Las Vegas restaurant replicates the set of Ramsay's hit show

Gordon Ramsay's first Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas
Gordon Ramsay's first Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas
| Credit: Erik Kabik Photography / Courtesy

If you've witnessed how Gordon Ramsay interacts with the chefs competing on Hell's Kitchen, you might feel like it's a good idea to stay as far away from a Ramsay-helmed restaurant named after the show as possible—and even more so if the whole thing is designed to look just like the TV show's set. This desire, though, turns out not to be enough to hurt attendance at the new Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas, which has reached the decidedly more heavenly number of 12,000 reservations in just 10 days. (The grand opening is scheduled for January 26, though walk-ins are currently available.)

With his empire of TV shows, MasterClasses and other media properties, it can be easy to forget that Ramsay is also a decorated chef, whose restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars over the years. But even so, the draw for this 300-seat restaurant, located outside of Caesars Palace, may be less about that culinary acclaim than about how, as Ramsay told the L.A. Times, "it's like walking onto the Hell’s Kitchen set in L.A."

Working with the show's producers and designers, the Hell's Kitchen restaurant is replicates look and feel of the show, including a visually and sonically open kitchen, cooks wearing the same red and blue uniforms contestants use on TV—though whether the extensive recreation of the atmosphere extends to tons and tons of yelling remains to be seen.

What is clear is that people really, really want to experience Ramsay's fifth Las Vegas restaurant, and dishes like Rack of Lamb ($39); Crispy Skin Salmon ($32); an Aged Porterhouse Steak for Two ($125); and that Hell's Kitchen classic, Beef Wellington ($49). And for once, it's Ramsay who isn't quite getting his way: while he says he wanted a "quiet" and "off the radar" opening, the flood of reservations is making that tough. At this point, the best way to get in might just be to win Season 17 of the show and become the new restaurant's new head chef.