"He's really tough on me, yeah."


Turns out Gordon Ramsay's almost as critical of his own family's cooking as he is with the people on his reality television shows—but there's less cursing involved. At least, we hope so.

His daughter revealed as much on a morning talk show appearance promoting her first cookbook, "Tilly's Kitchen Takeover." Tilly first displayed her cooking expertise on "Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Home Cooking," and later hosted her very own cooking show, "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch," for BBC's children channel. Her cookbook, which will feature 60 home recipes, was published just a few days ago on April 20.

"It's a lot easier than his, because my recipes are kind of, like, if you don't have one of the ingredients, it's not a big deal," she said, alluding to the fact that her cookbook is tailor-made for children and teenagers. "But with dad's, if you don't have one of the ingredients, like, it doesn't work as well. His is a lot more fussy."

That, of course, was just the gateway into a wider conversation about her dad.

"Does he ever do, like, the telly thing and go, 'Augh, this is terrible'?" asked one of the hosts of "This Morning," the British TV program on which she was appearing.

"Sometimes, if I don't put enough seasoning in," she admitted. "But I do that to him as well."

This seemed to astonish the pair of hosts, who went on to ask whether her dad was "tough on her."

A smiling Tilly replied: "He's really tough on me, yeah. He definitely is."

Well, judging from Tilly's cheerful demeanor and the fact that her dad's as much of a jokester as he is a controversial critic, we're pretty sure there's nothing more to her comments than your typical dad-daughter repartée. Besides, there was so much more to worry about in her talk show appearance. Like the fact that her hosts had never tasted some of the greatest food on the planet.

"I don't think I've ever had cornbread," one of them prononuced, without a trace of shame or sorrow.

"It's quite an American thing," Tilly replied.