Is there anywhere he doesn't swear?

By Elisabeth Sherman
July 19, 2017
Daniel Zuchnik —WireImage

Gordon Ramsay is arguably the most famous chefs from the U.K. (and U.S. for that matter): He’s currently hosting his new show called The F Word, and now even British Airways have recruited him for a their safety video, alongside a whole cadre of British celebrities.

In the director’s cut of the video, Ramsay loses his cool, and in a very characteristic move, throws some curses into his bit after the director tells him that his part was actually meant for the actress Joanna Lumley (that probably explains why he’s seen stowing a dainty pink purse under the seat in front of him). Ramsay’s gruff attitude will hopefully intimidate you into following proper airline procedure, but it’s also refreshing to see the chef light-heartedly poking fun at himself. (Then again, he did become a Smurf, so he's clearly not taking himself too seriously.)

The video— a surprisingly funny one given that its main purpose is get people to pay attention to the flight crew’s safety instructions—features cameos from Oscar-nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandy Newton of Westworld fame, Sir Ian McKellan, a very serious Gillian Anderson, and even an appearance by one of the most iconic comedians in the U.K., Mr. Bean, as played by Rowan Atkinson.

Perhaps this is the British Airways' way of trying to cheer up customers: Last year, the airline stopped serving a second meal on flights, replacing the food with “fun-size” candy bars that were supposed to satiate customers on long flights. They were also plagued by flight delays, and a controversy over how many tea bags customers are allowed to use in the airline’s lounge.

A star-studded video that puts a sexy, funny face on airline safety might just be enough to charm customers back into their seats, or at very least convince them to actually listen to the flight attendants. It probably helps that the continually fascinating Ramsay joined in the fun. Now if only they get him to cook their in-flight meals.