Gordon Ramsay Adds Another Wine Brand, This Time from Italy

After launching a wine brand in the U.S. last year, he’s now entering the U.K. market.

Gordon Ramsay (left), assorted wine bottles (right)
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Gordon Ramsay is known for cooking food (well, he's better known for yelling at people, but you know what I mean); however, over the past year, the celebrity chef has aggressively pushed into the beverage space. Last December, Ramsay announced he would be releasing a line of hard seltzers: Hells' Seltzer. And then, earlier this year, he launched his own brand of California wines: Gordon Ramsay Signature Wines.

As a distinctly British chef, Ramsay's choice to launch an American wine brand may have seemed a touch unexpected – despite his continued forays into the U.S. – but this week, he announced that he's returning to his European roots for his next line of wine: the Gordon Ramsay Italian Collection.

On sale exclusively at the British grocery giant Tesco or via the UK website Wine Delivered, the new collection – which has reportedly been in the development for years – features three bottles: a red, a white, and a rosé – with each bottle retailing for just £10 (or about $13.75). All three bottles are 2020 vintages billed as "cross-regional blends" and created in partnership with winemaker Alberto Antonini, a global wine consultant and owner of Poggiotondo in Tuscany.

The Intenso Rosso is 50 percent old vine Tuscan Sangiovese along with 30 percent Montepulciano and 20 percent Merlot from Abruzzo, described as offering "floral and berry notes and a hint red liquorice." The rosé is 50 percent Montelpuciano and 15 percent Merlot from Abruzzo blended with 20 percent Sangiovese and 15 percent Merlot from Tuscany, said to be "juicy with notes of wild herbs wrapped around the cranberry and cherry imbued core." Finally, the white is 40 percent Chardonnay, 20 percent Trebbiano, and 15 percent Pecorino from Abruzzo mixed with 25 percent Tuscan Vermentino, described as presenting a "vibrant palate of orchard blossom, green apple and apricot kernel with a deliciously moreish and crisp finish."

"Winemaking has always fascinated me; it's a magical process where tradition, passion, and science are blended together and captured in one stunning bottle," Ramsay explains on the Wine Delivered site. "Italy and Italian wines have a special place in my heart, Tana and I have spent some incredibly happy times in this amazing country and many of those moments were made even better by a beautiful glass of wine. When it came to launching my own wine range, it was very important to set the same standards and quality as I expect in my restaurants."

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