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Credit: © SrdjanPav/Getty Images

Google might be great for suggestions on how to cure your tennis elbow or looking into Thin Lizzy’s discography (you guys know too much about my life now), but would you be willing to let a taste-bud-less computer help you with food and wine pairings? The tech giant thinks it’s worth a shot: “My Wine Guide” is one of a handful of new “conversation actions” added to Google Assistant and useable with Google Home.

With the new “My Wine Guide” feature, Google Assistant users will be able to talk aloud to their Google Home speaker (or other Google Assistant-equipped device) to access a virtual sommelier that will recommend a wine to go with their meals. However, according to VentureBeat, these “conversation actions” are made by third party developers, and at this point, there’s no indication as to who is behind “My Wine Guide,” leaving the source and quality of these recommendations up in the air.

Still, assuming the feature wasn’t built by some maniac looking to pair Syrah with your tilapia, I can understand the appeal of simply chatting away with a digital assistant about your wine pairing instead of resorting to a traditional Google search or – forgive me for even suggesting this – digging through a book! And even if your Google advisor is in its early stages, it’s still way cheaper than your billionaire pipedream of a live-in sommelier.

Also, another one of the new Google Assistant features is “Dr. Doggy,” a conversation action that lets users ask if a food is safe to feed to their dog. So if you can’t find the perfect wine pairing, Google can advise you on whether it’s alright to just give up on the meal entirely and feed your dinner to your pooch.