By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 16, 2015

Google wants you to use Google for everything, not just search. They want to handle your email, operate your phone, and drive your car super slow for you! The tech giant also wants to be your go-to place for crowdsourced restaurant reviews, but there’s one little problem: for that to happen, people actually have to write those reviews.

So, to encourage people to leave reviews on Google Maps instead of places like Yelp and Facebook, Google recently announced they’d be incentivizing what they call their Local Guides program. After users sign up, they can earn points “by writing reviews, uploading photos, adding new places, fixing outdated information, and answering simple questions.”

What are these points good for? More Google stuff, of course. For example, five points shoots you to Level 2 where you “get early access to new Google products and features.” After 200 points, you reach Level 4 which comes with a free 1 TB upgrade of your Google Drive – which Consumerist points out, usually costs about $10 a month.

People who reach the highest tier, Level 5, “will become eligible to apply to attend our inaugural summit in 2016, where you’ll be able to meet other top Guides from around the world, explore the Google campus, and get the latest info about Google Maps.”

Yes, if you use Google Maps enough, you can actually get invited to Google. Once there, you’ll receive the once in a lifetime opportunity to see all the people who actually get paid to work for Google instead of giving away their time to Google for free. Astonishing!