According to Google, yes. 
The Not Pink Drink
Credit: Courtesy of Google

Time and again, we’ve seen that combining the most popular things does not necessarily create a more popular thing. So when Google—in an effort to promote the Pixel 3 smartphone—set out to analyze the 10,000 most engaging Instagram posts about cocktails in the United Kingdom with the hope of creating the world’s most Instagrammable, shareable cocktail, someone probably should have sensed that things could go a little off the rails. But yeah, they didn’t, and thus, we have the Not Pink Drink.

After digging through thousands of Instagram posts that used the hashtag “#cocktail,” a team of social media experts determined that the hashtags “#pink,” “#neon,” “#glutenfree,” and “#vegan” were the ones most likely to be tacked on to the most shared posts. Ingredient-wise, lemon, elderflower, and smoke were found to be the most popular. And “#gin” was found on 43 percent of the posts, so the spirit was chosen.

If there were red flags at this stage, they were ignored. Google went ahead, with visions of a gluten-free, vegan, neon, pink, smoky, elderflower, lemon gin drink.

Then, mixologist Matt Hollidge was brought in to create the final masterpiece. “Nowadays people don’t just want cocktails to taste good, they want them to be something they can share—which makes my job of creating them even more fun,” he said according to The Drinks Business. “It’s all about what you can capture on your phone and show your mates, so using Pixel 3 as inspiration was really interesting….As well as making the final cocktail as photogenic as possible.” To really, uh, set the scene, the finished “Not Pink Drink,” as it was dubbed, was piled high with all sorts of garnishes, like a bunch of pink macaroons on a skewer and a side of lemons.

Granted, I’m not much of an Instagram influencer. Maybe the drink will do better in practice? Yeah, not so much. Google was giving out the recipe and encouraging Brits to make the drink themselves and then post images on social media today at 2 p.m. As of this writing, the hashtag has only been used about six times, and the most liked post of that bunch has just 226 likes. Google, you might know everything I have ever searched for in my entire life, but your cocktail knowledge apparently still needs a little work.