Google Image Search Adds Recipe Feature

New "badges" directly link photos of food to recipes and videos.

google images new feature shows recipes
Photo: Kasinv / Getty Images

Let's try something: go to Google Images on your phone. Search "red velvet cake." You may notice that almost every image that pops up has a little button in the bottom left corner with an icon of a fork and knife next to the word "Recipe." That's because Google Images has just unveiled its new "badge" feature, which tells you what kind of page the image will take you to without you even having to click through. It's pretty handy, especially for those of us who already judge recipes by how pretty the final product is.

You may also notice that if you look up, say, "slo mo cooking," a lot of the images have time stamps in the bottom left corner. Without doing away with Google's video search, they've added a feature to the image search that tells you which images take you to a video and how long the video is. Alternately, if you look up something like "cupcake mix," a lot of the results are going to have a little tag icon and the word "Product" in the bottom left hand corner, allowing you to know which pages will get you to something you can buy right then and there.

This new feature will be especially handy when it comes time to finding recipes for foods for which visual appeal really is the most important factor. For example, it could be super helpful when you're trying to find the perfect football-shaped snacks for the Super Bowl, an adorable baby-themed baked good for the next baby shower you go to, or to outdo your friends with the cutest pastry. Still, the feature may need a little work. Right now, if you search "Super Bowl snack recipe," you're going to get a lot of images without any recipe tag next to them. But hey, we're only a day or two into this badge feature, so here's hoping.

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