Resveratrol? Old hat. Now, according to this University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine press release, it's been determined that red wine (as well as various other fruits and vegetables) contains the anthocyanidin C-3-R—that's cyanidin-3-rutinoside to you completists out there—which in turn has been determined to kill off leukemia cells while leaving healthy cells intact. At least in laboratory tests.

Now, what I determined this weekend, at a dinner that my friend Tara Q. Thomas of Wine & Spirits had for Bert and Gertrud Salomon of Salomon Undhof, is that the 1990 Noel Verset Cornas—in addition to being a gamey, gorgeously drinking, wild-beast-dragged-from-its-lair, epitome-of-Cornas sort of wine—will actually make you younger. I drank two glasses, and felt at least two months of weariness drop away. Unfortunately, it's hard to find. But isn't that the classic problem with the Fountain of Youth?