Showrunner Michael Schur reveals which writer is responsible for the show's funniest food puns.

Master of None's food-centric Thanksgiving episode may have won an Emmy last week, but there's another smart TV comedy using what we eat to stir up a conversation and a few good laughs: The Good Place.

The critically-acclaimed NBC series starring Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and Ted Danson (CSI: Cyber, Cheers) about a heavenly hell returned for its second season last Wednesday, and following the two-part premiere, showrunner Michael Schur opened up about how he plans to continue its humorous focus on food.

The series is a rather picturesque, Pleasantville-ian version of the wrong side of the afterlife, and is known for its quaint edibles and odd food moments. From flying cocktail shrimp and an endless supply of frozen yogurt, food is a key ingredient in the series' recipe for comedy. In a recent interview with Vulture, Schur admitted that most of the show's food puns—which are sometimes seen in an episode's background as shop names—come from one of his writer's: the Twitter-famous comedian Megan Amram.

"[The] master Google document [of the names of the show's shops and the restaurants] is called Megan Amram's brain," Schur told Vulture. "I actually think, no joke, her brain is like the computer in Lost where if you didn't enter the code and press enter every like 100 minutes or whatever else, the world would end… She's the best one on the staff… If she were in the X-Men, her superpower would be making puns."

That penchant for puns earned Amram the responsibility of writing the series' upcoming Groundhog Day-themed episode. According to Schur, Amram wrote the third episode of season two, which will see the head honcho of "The Good Place" Michael (Danson) attempting to reboot his world of torment over and over again. The resets end up producing different punny restaurants.

"There's a sequence where you see the restaurants go from pudding restaurants to sushi restaurants to Indian restaurants or whatever," Schur said.

In order to rename those restaurants and shops, in a portion of the episode's script Amram created "a giant paragraph full of puns for different kind of names of different kinds of ethnic restaurants. I think it went on for six or seven pages… Partially she was doing it to lean into her stereotype as a person who loves puns. But also, it was just straight-up impressive," Schur admitted.

If you don't want to miss one of Amram's hellishly humorous food puns, The Good Place airs Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.