Alton Brown's famed Food Network series has returned… and then some!

By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 28, 2019
Noam Galai/Getty Images

Fans of Good Eats waited seven years for the show to return — which it recently did with an episode on chicken parm and another on so-called ancient grains. Sure, in the interim, we got some episodes of Good Eats Reloaded (which he discussed with us last year), featuring new bits of original footage here and there, but Alton Brown and company also made us wait two years between the announcement of the return and this first episode materializing, so in some ways Reloaded only added to the agony. Regardless, television's most undeniable cooking show is back; diehard fans want as much of it as possible; and — thankfully — Brown seems ready to give it to us. On Saturday, the host turned to his own YouTube channel to provide everyone with ten additional minutes of behind-the-scenes footage.

Okay, sure, even the biggest Good Eats devotees might sit through ten minutes of outtakes and walk away thinking, Well that didn't help my cooking! And granted, watching a mix of production moments and Alton talking to camera is nowhere as helpful as watching a properly constructed episode. But there are revealing moments to be had.

"I'm having to stop to sit by the fire — because I'm old," the 57-year-old host says about two minutes in. "I wasn't old, and then this season started, and I had to go through research and recipe testing, and then I had to write them, and then production. And we're in day, like, 517 of principal photography, so I think in one season I've aged approximately seven years. Phew. And I just need to sit a spell, you know what I'm saying?" It's the kind of candid moment that further explains why he decided to take a corresponding seven years off.

Oh, and about six-and-a-half minutes in, Brown gives everyone his pro-tip for closing a refrigerator door on camera… which may come in handy for you someday. Who knows?

Brown also let us in on some of the mishaps that occur during filming with a collection of outtakes:

But the bigger takeaway from all of this is, to paraphrase Brown, the band is back together. And in fact, the current top comment on the BTS video sums things up nicely. "Alton, we've seen more of you in the past few days, than the past 8 years combined," a YouTuber wrote. "I'm NOT complaining!!" I don't think anyone is.