Alton Brown's 'Good Eats: Reloaded' Returns Next Month

Cooking Channel will air 13 more episodes of Good Eats with updated recipes and new techniques.

Good Eats: Reloaded Season 2
Photo: Courtesy of Good Eats: Reloaded

While self-isolation is giving many Americans a reason to revisit some of their favorite TV series—food-themed shows included—fans of Alton Brown's groundbreaking Good Eats have an extra nostalgia-inducing culinary content to look forward to. On Friday, Brown tweeted that his the remixed version of his science-based cooking series Good Eats: Reloaded would be returning for an all-new season next month.

For those who need to keep their Good Eats straight, the first season of Reloaded began airing on Cooking Channel in 2018 as a precursor to an all-new Food Network season of Good Eats (dubbed The Return), which gave fans the first new episodes of the series since the original show went off the air back in 2012. Reloaded had Brown revisiting episodes of the initial 14-season run of Good Eats, with Brown redoing, commentating on, or updating certain segments to meet either his more exacting standards or simply the changing culinary landscape.

"Turns out everything old is new again...or at least Good Eats is," Brown said in a statement. "These classic episodes have received the full 'reload' treatment so they're repaired, renovated, remodeled and well...better."

According to an email from a Cooking Channel representative, some of the classic episodes in question for the new round of Reloaded include "The Egg Files" (season one, episode three), which will feature new recipes for fried, scrambled, and boiled eggs, "True Brew" (season two, episode seven), which updates coffee roasting, grinding, and brewing techniques and gear, and "Raising the Steaks" (season seven, episode seven), which reexamines the budget top sirloin cut, as well as broiler uses and why we flip meat at all. Other teased recipe updates will include golden cake and pot roast throughout the 13-episode season.

Season two of Good Eats: Reloaded premieres Monday April 13, 2020 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Cooking Channel, with episodes also streaming on Cooking Channel GO.

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