The series remixes old ‘Good Eats’ episodes with new and improved segments.
Credit: Courtesy of Cooking Channel

“Before I can reboot Good Eats, I’ve got to rewind the old Good Eats and then reload some of those Good Eats to repair them so that I can move forward,” Alton Brown explains in a recently posted video on his YouTube channel. “It’s like time travel, only more complicated.”

That’s the premise behind Good Eats: Reloaded, the series that will precede a full-on reboot of the Food Network series that made Brown a household name. Before that show, Return of the Eats, premieres next year, Brown decided to update classic Eats episodes with new information, improved recipes, and other fixes.

“I really wanted to go back to the very early days and do some renovations, so to speak. Of the thirteen shows that I chose, once I was done, I replaced about 65 percent, on average, with new material. So much is different now. Heck, the first episode that’s going to kick this off is actually the pilot Good Eats episode which we shot in 1997, so that’s twenty-one years old. I do everything differently now,” Brown told Food & Wine earlier this year. “Technology has changed, ingredients have changed—there are ingredients in these reloads that Americans hadn’t heard of twenty years ago, they weren’t on the market.”

Now we’re getting our first glimpse at just what the reloaded Eats will look like. In the clip, Brown is seen in front of chalkboards and props illustrating the scientific concepts his series was known for. And yes, that portly paper mache chicken decoration is back.

Take a look at the clip from Alton Brown’s YouTube channel below:

There’s even a tease of a possible cameo by Brown’s mom, as he reminds us he never took the time to explain how to cure a cast iron skillet on the first go-round. According to the YouTube video and clips posted to Cooking Channel website, steak, doughnuts, fried chicken, and hamburgers all seem to be on the Reloaded menu, as is one recipe that Brown admitted to us he absolutely hated:

“Our fondue show. I hated that fondue. I started over so that I could have it gone, and now I really love it.”

Good Eats: Reloaded will premiere Monday, October 15 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Cooking Channel.