Credit: © Nestle Japan

Though KitKats are known as a candy bar you’re encouraged to break apart and share, there’s a new limited edition version of the chocolate-covered wafers coming to Japan that you might want to keep for yourself: KitKats covered with an edible layer of gold leaf.

Only 500 of these limited edition KitKat bars, called the “Sublime Gold” KitKat, will be produced, and unlike traditional KitKats, they’ll only be sold as single bars. The price: about $16 – which might be a good deal? I really have no idea. What’s the market price for gold right now?

Unique KitKats are nothing new for Japan. According to the Guardian, over 200 different flavors have been created their since Nestle first introduced the candy to the island nation in 1973. Other versions have included sweet potato, cheesecake and even wasabi. These special gilded KitKats are said to have a rich, bitter taste that is unaffected by the layer of real gold.

The pricey KitKats will go on sale in late December, just in time to be given out as a New Year’s gift. You will be able to find them at eight fancy department stores in Japan. It’s candy, so I’m guessing just to look for them in the checkout aisle, right?