Hugh Acheson, Jet Tila, Alison Roman, and Richard Blais will be providing commentary.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated July 16, 2019
Gods of Food
Credit: Zero Creatives/Getty Images

2019 has been a busy year for food TV. Netflix has launched several series and documentaries, including Street Food, Taco Chronicles, The Chef Show, and A Tale of Two Kitchens—news also broke that Higher Ground (the production company founded by the Obamas) is producing a children’s show called Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents, while Chrissy Teigen and David Chang will host a cooking-focused talk show on Hulu called Family Style. The latest addition? Gods of Food, a new six-part series from CollegeHumor that will premiere on its streaming service, DROPOUT, on August 8. However, Gods of Food differs from your typical food show in that it's a “mockumentary”—and, according to the announcement, it’s going to poke fun at fine dining tropes.

The show was written and created by Rekha Shankar—a CollegeHumor head writer and cast member—and will run on Thursdays. Each of the six episodes will feature a parodied chef profile, “from the overly rustic chef to the esoteric molecular gastronomist,” played by an actor: Don Fanelli will be “Anthony D’Anthony,” Krizia Bajos will be “Julia Splenderpoot,” Kimia Behpoornia stars as “Blynn,” Leonard Kelly-Young will play “Giuseppe Greco,” Tracy Vilar will be “Laura Sepanowitz,” and Helen Hong will appear as “Chung Ji-Woo.” You can also expect to hear commentary from culinary experts Hugh Acheson, Richard Blais, Jet Tila, and Alison Roman throughout the series.

"Cooking shows are one of my favorite things to watch," Shankar said in a statement. "But while the most gorgeous food shows are full of love and passion, they can also be full of dysfunctional personalities and bizarre ideas. I hope Gods of Food resonates with foodies like me in that it's full of beautiful food, but also pokes fun at some of the tendencies of culinary shows.”

While August 8 is still a few weeks out, there are plenty of other shows to stream in the meantime. Earlier this year, we learned about a secret Netflix code that instantly takes you to all of the cooking shows on site—you can find it in our story. Consider this your excuse to work your way through all six seasons of Chef’s Table and catch up on The Great British Baking Show.