Chefs from five cities across the globe collaborated on the new collection.
Credit: Courtesy of Godiva

While chocolate has been known to transport us to some sort of ethereal plane, Godiva has just released a new box of chocolates meant to take on a trip around the world. The Wonderful City Dreams Collection debuts today, with five distinctly styled and flavored pieces. The globetrotting morsels were created by Godiva's five regional chefs, located in Brussels, London, New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo as an homage to each city. Some are decorated with graphic imagery, while others come in stylized shapes. All of the chocolates are manufactured in Belgium, however, their flavor profiles certainly go global. Here's what each chocolate piece tastes and looks like:

Credit: Courtesy of Godiva

New York: Shaped like a little wedge of cheesecake, this chocolate is flavored as exactly that. A play on caramel cheesecake, the cheesecake mousse center also has crispy biscuit pieces to hint at a crust, while the entire piece is enrobed in caramel-flavored blonde chocolate. A Statue of Liberty crown decorates the top.

London: This adorable white chocolate piece features a doubledecker bus illustration on its shell. The filling is a strawberry ganache with a white chocolate mousse flavored with violet.

Shanghai: For this dish-shaped piece, a dark chocolate shell is filled with a lychee and white chocolate ganache flecked with hazelnut nibs.

Tokyo: This brightly-flavored milk chocolate piece contains milk chocolate ganache flavored with yuzu, orange, and grapefruit. Atop is an image

Brussels: For Godiva's home turf, the chocolatier went rich and decadent with a caramelized hazelnut praline ganache and bresilienne inside a heart-shaped dark chocolate shell.

Godiva's New York City-based executive chef chocolatier Thierry Muret told Food & Wine he and the other four chefs collaborated on the box together, each bringing their own ideas to the table for their respective cities while also making sure each piece was compatible as part of the mix. So how do five chefs in five different time zones collaborate? "It's amazing what you can do with text," Muret said. "As chefs, we communicate by food and verbally, so we had a video conference to decide about the flavors. We suggested the flavors and the shapes, and then we worked separately, but texting each other and emailing each other saying 'my piece is leading me this way or that way' and making sure we weren't doing the same things." Prototypes were sent around for tasting, and finally, the entire box came together in Belgium.

The Wonderful City Dreams Collection is available at all Godiva stores worldwide for a limited time. Boxes of nine chocolates sell for $20 and 18-piece boxes are $36.