Five cities, dozens of amazing restaurants around the world. Here is an essential guide to the finest food on the planet.
World's Best Food Cities

© Bob Krist/Corbis

1. Tokyo: Planet’s #1 Food City

Japanese chefs are dictating the world’s dining trends with their fierce devotion to seasonality and respect for aesthetics.

© Javier Salas

2. Barcelona: Post-Adrià Innovators

The Spanish city has everything from an avant-garde Asian spot to a Catalan-centric wine center with electronic lists.

Courtesy of Thomas Herman

3. Copenhagen: Avant-garde Stronghold

The world’s foodies are fascinated by Copenhagen and its avant-garde chefs, who experiment with unconventional ingredients.

Courtesy of Purple PR

4. London: Redefining Tradition

Terrific restaurants are thriving, even in the touristy theater district, and deceptively simple cafés are using hyperseasonal produce.

© Noah Kalina

5. New York: Great Chefs, Great Deals

The city has some of the world’s great chefs—and now they’re offering deals that make their food taste even better.

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