Truckload of Gnocchi Stolen from Restaurant and Set on Fire

Australia's Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers reminded everyone that's no way to cook gnocchi.

Fresh homemade gnocchi
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When Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers opened their first restaurant, it officially became Australia's first-ever Italian Gnoccheria. Co-founders Ben Cleary-Corradini and Theo Roduner have since expanded their gnocchi empire to include seven locations in Brisbane and Sydney, and the majority of the menu is — you guessed it — gnocchi in assorted sauces.

Although it sounds delicious, you don't necessarily expect a gnocchi restaurant to be the victim of a five-figure robbery, but that's exactly what happened on Sunday night. According to the Daily Mail, a delivery driver was transporting freshly-made gnocchi from the Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers own "Gnocchi Love Factory" to its locations in Brisbane, when someone (or multiple someones) stole the truck and its carb-heavy cargo from outside its South Bank restaurant.

"[Gustavo, the delivery driver] took the trolley [filled with gnocchi], he came inside with one, came back to the truck, took another one and he came back for a third time and was standing like 'where is the truck'?" Amador told Australia's A Current Affair. "He was like very scared. Poor Gustavo, he was just running around South Bank and just trying to find it."

Amador called the theft "a tragedy," and said that the thief (or thieves) made off with 340 kilograms (750 pounds) of gnocchi, which would've been enough to make 2,000 meals with. When they combined the cost of the missing truck and the lost gnocchi, Amador said that they'd been robbed of around AU$30,000 ($21,320) worth of property.

Amador and Cleary-Corradini drove the streets around the restaurant, in case someone just borrowed the truck for a quick joyride before ditching it somewhere. They didn't find it. Footage from the building's CCTV cameras was turned over to the local police department but, as of this writing, no suspects have been identified. On top of all that, they had to spring for the cost of a rental truck, because replacement deliveries had to be made to keep gnocchi on the table at their other restaurants.

On Tuesday, the restaurant's social media accounts reported that the truck had been recovered, but it wasn't totally good news. "Big thank you to the team from Springfield Police Station for locating our missing gnocchi delivery truck," they wrote. "Unfortunately, in an attempt to destroy the golden nugget evidence, the gnocchi thieves attempted to set our gnocchi and truck on fire. We want to thank everyone who shared our stories and help spread the word!! Now remember people, Gnocchi should be boiled, not burnt alive."

Or, better yet, you could just leave the gnocchi prep to pros like them.

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