Gluten-Free Oreos Are Being Turned into a Gluten-Free Stout

A Colorado brewery that specializes in gluten-free beers is releasing the cookie-themed product next month.

As the world's best-selling cookie brand, Oreo excited gluten-averse fans when they announced they'd be releasing the first-ever gluten-free version of their cookies this January. But for one brewery in Colorado, this Gluten-Free Oreo announcement sparked another exciting concept: a Gluten-Free Oreo stout.

Holidaily Brewing Company in Golden is billed as "100-percent dedicated to gluten-free," founded by Karen Hertz, a cancer survivor who went gluten-free as part of her treatment plan. The brewery's lineup features plenty of intriguing styles—from a hip hazy IPA to even a gluten-free spin on a wit beer, which is traditionally made from the very not gluten-free ingredient, wheat. Meanwhile, one of brewing's biggest trends has been spiking stouts with over-the-top sweet ingredients, billed as "pastry stouts," whether it's Fudgie the Whale cakes or an ode to The Great British Baking Show. So when Gluten-Free Oreo cookies were released, making a gluten-free beer was the next sensible step.

Glass of Holidaily Oreo Stout Beer
Courtesy of Holidaily Brewing Company

"Gluten-free Oreos were the only thing our community has been talking about (including our own staff!). The lightbulb went off and I thought, 'What better than a gluten-free beer brewed with gluten-free Oreos?'" Hertz told me via email. "How cool is it that an Oreo, a classic favorite, can now be enjoyed by more people? That's how we feel about our beer too. Those who haven't been able to enjoy craft beer in the past due to dietary restrictions can now partake in the experience with our beers. A gluten-free Oreo stout is a big moment in gluten-free history!"

The resulting 6.8-percent ABV stout was made with plenty of Gluten-Free Oreos: 65 packages clocking in at over 35 pounds. From there, the brewery further enhanced the brew's base of ten different gluten-free malts with whole vanilla beans and coca nibs. The final product is billed as "a rich and velvety stout" featuring "a balance of cookie sweetness and toasty, rich flavors." Head brewer Alan Windhausen explained to me that they focused on "accentuating the special Oreo character while making a beer that was approachable and drinkable."

"We've already brewed a Brownie Stout at Holidaily. That cleared a lot of our technical hurdles when it comes to 'pastry stout' beer styles," Windhausen said. "Two of our brewers, Connor and Nikolas, have been pushing for a cookie beer for years now, and we just could never get the ingredients worked out. With Gluten-Free Oreos coming on the market, this was an opportunity to fulfill their brewing dreams and make a true Oreo Stout!"

Holidaily's Gluten-Free Oreo Stout will be available at the brewery taproom—which is currently open but operating with COVID-19 restrictions—on February 20 and 21 in honor of the brewery's five-year anniversary. They say drinkers will be able to grab it on tap and in 32-ounce crowler cans to-go while supplies last.

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