Glenmorangie has teamed up with Grain Surfboards for its latest “Beyond the Cask” collaboration.
Credit: Courtesy of Glenmorangie

When it comes to the intersection of lifestyle and libation, you probably wouldn’t expect to see Scotch and surfing overlap. But Tain, Scotland-based Glenmorangie is challenging that notion with the third iteration of its “Beyond the Cask” collaborations. The whisky distillery has teamed up with Maine’s Grain Surfboards to create a limited series of boards constructed from the very barrels used to age Glenmorangie’s signature The Original single malt.

To create the seven-foot surfboards, approximately half of one cask is used in the process and comprises the frame, tailback, and center panels of the board while the rest is constructed from Grain’s usual material, Maine-grown northern white cedar. The barrels used in this Beyond the Cask partnership are ex-bourbon casks made from Ozark-sourced American oak which are only used twice to age Scotch, hence the need for a program like Beyond the Cask to give them a second life.

Credit: Courtesy of Glenmorangie

“Using wood from Glenmorangie casks enabled us to make a board that’s very light but very strong. It’s built to meet the demands of some of the best surfers in the world, as well as being a board that anyone can enjoy the waves on,” Grain Surfboards founder Mike LaVecchia said in a statement. “It’s incredible that you can take a piece of wood that’s already worked hard and then give it a new life as something absolutely beautiful.”

Credit: Courtesy of Glenmorangie
Credit: Courtesy of Glenmorangie

And the collaboration makes sense geographically as well, as Glenmorangie points out: “The connection runs deep, for both New England and the Scottish Highlands offer some of the most prized cold-water surfing in the world.”

Credit: Courtesy of Glenmorangie

The limited-edition, handcrafted Glenmorangie surfboards are available at and require a $2,000 advance deposit on the full $5,500 price tag. They can be shipped to the U.S. and most of the E.U.

Previous “Beyond the Cask” projects have included a Renovo bicycle in 2017 and a collection of sunglasses from Finley & Co. the year prior, both, of course, made from barrels.