The 50 bottle set will only cost you around $128,000.
Scotch Collection
Credit: Erik Witsoe / EyeEm/Getty Images

Despite being a drinks writer, I am admittedly no whiskey expert. However, one thing I always find is that whiskeys are best tasted head to head. Unlike beer and wine, whiskey has so much alcohol intensity that direct comparison really helps me get over the booziness and dig into the finer notes. So if you're like me, something like Scotch maker Glenfarclas's newly announced Family Cask Trunk — featuring a complete set of 50 different bottles of Scotch — is like a dream come true… assuming you have the $128,000 to buy one.

Even if you're not an aspiring Scotch expert, the Family Cask set is a cool concept. The 50 200-milliliter bottles that make up the set cover every single release from Glenfarclas's Family Cask series from 1954 to 2003 — or every release so far. If you've ever wondered what the subtle differences from year to year in Scotch releases were, you'd be hard pressed to find an example as good as this one to work your way through. The brand has called the collection the "most expansive single collection" it's ever released and, adding to its elegance, the bottles are housed in a custom-made trunk mean to resemble classic luggage — and also comes with four tumblers, four nosing glasses, a water jug, four slate coasters, three books on the distillery's history, tasting notes for each vintage, and a book for the buyer's own notes, according to The Drinks Business.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a full collection of vintages in a complete set. It is the first — and last — chance to purchase this, as some of the vintages contained in the trunk are from the last casks of their respective years," Sales Director George Grant was quoted as saying. "We are thrilled to bring this ambitious project to fruition, one which could only be realized due to my grandfather's foresight in laying down casks as far back as the 1950s."

Needless to say, a set like this comes at a hefty price: Only 60 have been made, and they come with a suggested retail of £100,000 (about $128,000). Hey, but Christmas is just around the corner if anyone is looking for gift ideas for me.