Credit: © Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This is the time of year that parents begin hounding their work colleagues, trying to guilt them into an extra (19th) box of Thin Mints.

Chris Rock, not only the host of this year’s Academy Awards, but a father to a Girl Scout himself, recruited a team of local Los Angeles Girl Scouts to sell cookies to the seated crowd midway through the awards proceedings. As the show tends to run rather long, the sugar break was definitely appreciated.

“I have missed most of the girls scout cookies season,” he explained to the star-studded room, saying this was his attempt to boost his daughter’s sales. The camera then panned across the room as attendees flashed money to get their cookies, and break into them right then and there, including Kate Winslet, Henry Cavill, Mindy Kaling, and many others.

The stunt worked: According to TMZ, Rock ultimately raised more than $65,000 in cookie sales—and that number includes $20 from Vice President Joe Biden.