The troop set the record for the most cookies dunked in milk at the same time.
Girl Scouts Guinness World Record
Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

As kids, many of us were probably great at dunking cookies in milk. We probably made a mess, spilled the milk, and sprinkled crumbs on the floor—but it was all a game, a (mostly) adult-sanctioned way to play with our food. Not so for a troop of Girl Scouts in the Chicago area, who take this childhood activity much more seriously than of us probably ever did. So seriously in fact, that they broke a Guinness World Record doing it.

Around 5,000 Girl Scouts gathered at Allstate Arena, in Rosemont, Illinois, just an hour outside of Chicago, determined to set their cookie-based record, according to the Daily Herald. The occasion is a timely one because Girl Scout cookies are now officially back on sale; this year also makes the 101st anniversary since the Girl Scouts first began selling cookies. The scouts’ task seems simple: grab some cookies, pour some milk, and do some dunking. The stakes were much higher than anything you experienced while enjoying an after-school snack though. If the troop could coordinate their movements, they would be able to break the record for the most cookies dunked in milk at the same time.

The record-breaking attempt took place as part of Chicago’s annual Cookie Kickoff rally, which typically takes place at the arena before a Chicago Wolves hockey game. The Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago participated, and CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, Nancy Wright, even made an appearance. When it comes to cookies, the Girl Scouts are really not messing around. Good to know they take cookies as seriously as we do—it’s not a competition, but Food & Wine did have Cookie Monster run our office for a day.

The story has a happy ending: As ABC 7 reports, with the help of their families, the Girl Scouts were able to successfully break the record.