Credit: © LES BREAULT / Alamy

The next generation of Girl Scouts is here, armed with website links and smartphone apps to enhance cookie sales. Not that the days of going door-to-door or setting up shop in front of the grocery store are over — it’s just that troops now have new tools in their sugary arsenal.

Starting this cookie-selling season, local Girl Scout councils will be able to opt in to one of two new digital platforms: web-based sales or mobile ordering. The web option will allow scouts to create customized websites (first name only) that potential customers can reach via a private link. The mobile option allows for easy placement and tracking of sales. Troops have to pick one or the other, possibly as part of a public safety decision to prevent a full-on digital cookie sales assault.

These new methods come with both pros and cons. The biggest pro is that cookie junkies can get their fix far more easily than before: these digital sales allow cookies to be shipped directly to customers’ homes. This eliminates that time-honored tradition of wondering why the hell you haven’t seen Madison’s mom in the office ever since you ordered three boxes of Thin Mints from her four months ago.

The obvious con is that those who are easily guilt-tripped into buying more cookies than they could ever eat will now be seeing the pressure not only at family gatherings but also via mass emails and social media feeds. As if being pressured to purchase wasn’t bad enough, now you’ll get yelled at for not liking your niece’s Facebook link to her cookie-selling site.

The Scouts stress that these digital options are meant to enhance traditional sales methods, not replace them. This makes us wonder how far we are from having the option to set up an annual payment plan with a steady stream of cookie boxes arriving at our door each year.