While a smart business move, it turns out she might have been breaking the Girl Scouts' rules. 
Girl Scout Cookies in Recipes
Credit: © The Washington Post/Getty Images

An intrepid young woman from California had a bright idea this Girl Scout cookie season. Why not sell her wares outside of a place where people are craving cookies the most: a marijuana dispensary.

The San Diego Girl Scout trooper set up shop outside of Urbn Leaf, which sells both medicinal and recreational marijuana. The shop posted a photo of the girl holding armfuls of cookies on its Instagram account, informing customers that she would be on hand to sell cookies to anyone who might be planning on getting the munchies.

As it turns out, she might have been violating the Girl Scout’s rules by setting up shop in a commercial area, and officials from the organization are currently trying to get in touch with her family to learn more. A spokesperson for the Girl Scouts told the New York Post that organization will “assume good intent,” explaining that most of the time the scout's parents just don’t know the rules.

The owner of Urbn Leaf hopes that to defend the young woman, who he emphasizes was with a parent the entire time she was outside the shop, and that his business is eager to support local fundraising efforts.

The Girl Scout, whoever she is, clearly has an entrepreneurial spirit: Fox 4 reported that she sold more than 300 boxes of cookies in around 6 hours. Although booth sales won’t start for another week in San Diego, scouts are allowed to sell cookies from the back of wagons as long as a parent is present. The troop in question also had to move up and down the street, instead of staying stationary in front of the store, in order to not violate that directive.

Hopefully, this Girl Scout isn’t disciplined, but rather congratulated, for her smart thinking. Girl Scout cookie season should be as much about nurturing the inner business-woman in every scout as it is about snagging that box of Samoas you’ve been waiting for all year.