A troop in Virginia is the first to use the high-flying technology to sell boxes of Thin Mints.

By Mike Pomranz
May 24, 2021

Wing—the drone delivery subsidiary of Alphabet (you know, the Google people)—currently only operates in one small part of the United States, offering deliveries around Christiansburg, Virginia, since 2019. But they've already found some noteworthy partners: Residents can get FedEx packages, library books, and, yes, Girl Scout Cookies.

A Wing drone delivering a package
A Wing drone delivery.
| Credit: Wing

Last month, the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council and Wing teamed up with the goal of delivering 3,000 boxes of cookies by the end of May, proudly making these scouts "the first council to deliver cookies by drone," as one scout proclaimed.

Though a fun partnership regardless, the idea was inspired by need. The pandemic has hindered the Girl Scouts' ability to sell their cookies through traditional means. And despite an increased online ordering push, some troops are getting stuck with a shocking amount of unsold boxes. Wing suggested that sales were down about 50 percent, so in Virginia at least, drones are providing a buzzworthy opportunity to move more boxes in an extremely socially-distanced manner.

Drone deliveries have other advantages, too. As Wing told the Good News Network, their system is more environmentally-friendly than traditional delivery. "It makes a lot more sense to deliver a 1-pound box of cookies with a 10-pound drone than it does to do it with a 3,000-pound car," the company was quoted as saying. Each drone can reportedly carry packages up to about 3.3 pounds, so deliveries can include a few boxes at a time.

Additionally, working with Girl Scouts gives Wing the chance to provide these troops with an extracurricular learning experience that may encourage more students to go into STEM fields in the future. "Drones are going to help change our world, and Girl Scouts want to help that, so drones are going to be a very awesome way to do that," a troop member said in a promotional video posted by Wing.

Plus, everyone knows Trefoils and Tagalongs somehow just taste better when delivered by a drone. Thin Mints, well, they can't taste any better; they're already the best.

If you happen to live in the Christiansburg area, you can see if you're eligible to place a Girl Scout cookie drone order via the Wing website.