Two of your favorite indulgences, combined. 

girl scouts thin mints flavor
Credit: Courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts

Girl Scout cookie season brings with it many joys—minty, chocolate, caramel, and coconut joys. We’d all love to eat cookies nonstop for every meal, but for the sake of our health, most people try to take breaks to eat other foods. Still, those cookie cravings can be intense. Thankfully, Dunkin’ Donuts is launching a special treat that will keep you caffeinated and satisfy your need for Girl Scout cookies: a new line of Thin Mint, Coconut Caramel, and Peanut Butter Cookie, flavored coffees.

Yes, you may have to stop yourself from snacking on Samoas and Thin Mints throughout your day, but who says you can’t indulge in a coffee that tastes just like your favorite cookie flavor? That’s not exactly the same thing as eating an entire box of cookies on your couch while watching the Real Housewives right? No, definitely not. Put the cookies down and get the coffee instead.

In keeping with the national consensus that the burgeoning businesswomen behind America’s favorite snack food should be treasured, Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t stopping their celebration of the Girl Scouts there: Girl Scout troops will be allowed to sell their cookies at select Dunkin’ Donuts locations across the country, meaning that you could be one of the lucky people who can get the ultimate cookie fix with your morning coffee all in one stop.

The Girl Scouts are proving themselves to be quite the enterprising bunch of young women. There is, of course, this new partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts, but you can’t forget that California Girl scout who sold three hundred boxes of cookies outside a dispensary.

She merely took advantage of what she knows to be true: That Girl Scout cookies are one of those rare things that can unite our country at the moment; everyone, whether a stoner, school teacher, writer, Liberal or Conservative can agree that Girl Scout cookies are delicious.