Credit: © Abby Hocking

Hey, remember October? The hive mind of Facebook and twitter concluded we were entering the final quarter of the worst year in history. But, even if you think 2016 rose to the title of worst year ever (it probably didn’t), try to set your mind back to one of the more pleasant moments of that month—when you found out that the Girl Scouts planned to expand their sugary empire to breakfast. Last fall we reported on the coming cereals intended to mimic the only Girl Scout Cookies worth eating—Thin Mints and Samoas.

Well, the cereals, which the Girl Scouts released in conjunction with General Mills, are out in the world this month and we got our hands on a couple boxes. We have been pretending that cookies are a suitable breakfast all week so we could report back on whether or the not the miniaturized Thin Mints and Samoas met the lofty expectations.

And we’ve got good news and bad news: Although one staffer claimed he found “the Thin Mint flavor confined to the outside of each bite,” the Thin Mints check all the boxes we hoped they would. The chocolate mint taste, the texture, the likelihood you will eat an entire box while riding the elevator six floors up to your office in the morning—their only shortcoming is that we’re pretty sure they don’t improve in the freezer.

The Caramel Crunch cereal on the other hand is confusing at best. The word “Samoa” doesn’t appear anywhere on the box, although a picture of the coconut, caramel and chocolate cookie is front and center on the packaging. However, upon ripping open the bag there appeared to be no chocolate or coconut. Without two thirds of the flavors that make up a Samoa, what we’re left with is a crunchy O that tastes a bit like caramel corn, very slightly burnt caramel corn.

So the verdict: Get yourself to the grocery store and stock up on Thin Mints cereal. Or we guess you could always do it the old fashioned way and just wait for your boss to parade her daughter around the office making sad eyes at you until you order $150 worth of cookies.