By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 21, 2016

Growing up we always thought Cookie Crisp cereal was a bit much. Go ahead and call us nerds, but come on, all they did was put tiny cookies in a box and call them cereal. It’s the breakfast equivalent of lipstick on a pig. But we’ll change our tune for the upcoming “cereal” from General Mills. Boxes of a two Girl Scout cookie cereals popped up online a couple days ago—both a Thin Mint version and a caramel crunch clearly meant to mimic Samoas, which, as we know are probably the two greatest achievements in the history of boxed cookies. The images of the cereal boxes looked easy to doctor so we reached out to a General Mills spokesman who confirmed that yes, Thin Mints cereal is real, in partnership with the Girl Scouts of America and it will hit shelves some time in January. At this point that’s all the information we have, but we’re living in angsty times and we’ll take whatever good news we can get.

We’ll update all you Thin Mint fanatics as we learn more.