Stonehenge has never looked so delicious.
gingerbread empire state building
Credit: Courtesy of NMIH / Glenn Koehler

Sure, the classic little gingerbread house is charming in its own right, but why settle for a cute cottage when you can have the world's most iconic sights in gingerbread form? Get inspired by these gingerbread versions of famous landmarks.

The Eiffel Tower

This ridiculously impressive gingerbread Eiffel Tower will make you wish you were spending Christmas in Paris. It even includes a little bit of the Champ de Mars to get the full effect.

Big Ben

Right across the gingerbread English Channel, you'll find this gingerbread Big Ben, covered in jellybeans (jelly Bens?).

St. Basil's Cathedral

Get colorful with this delightfully bright gingerbread recreation of Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral. It's probably a good thing that they used candy instead of onions for the onion domes.

The Empire State Building

Enjoy 102 stories of gingerbread-y wonder with this gingerbread Empire State Building. We like to think Buddy the gingerbread Elf's gingerbread dad is in there, working on his next children's book.

The Roman Colosseum

Somehow gladiators fighting lions to death doesn't seem as horrible if it's sugar cookie gladiators fighting with licorice swords in a gingerbread Colosseum.


Celebrate the upcoming Winter Solstice this Thursday with this gingerbread Stonehenge.

The Taj Mahal

Not only is this gingerbread recreation of the Taj Mahal gorgeously decorated—it's also way bigger than your average gingerbread house, which is fitting for a recreation of the incredibly impressive mausoleum.

The White House

For a gingerbread house to make our founding fathers proud, check out this gingerbread White House, American flag and all. It even has little people, a little snowman, and a little Santa Claus.

The U.S. Capitol

Head just a couple miles down the gingerbread National Mall to the gingerbread U.S. capitol, with candy cane columns and frosting wreaths.

The Parthenon

Worship the gingerbread gods (we're imagining Zeus with an impressively frosted beard and Athena with a chocolate coin shield) in this delightful gingerbread Parthenon.