The booze-inspired yogurt is currently on grocery store shelves in Britain.

Yogurt—one of the plainer, less exciting foods you’ll find at the summer market—is getting jazzed up, in the U.K. at least. If you happened to be walking the aisles of Sainsbury’s this summer, you might have noticed an unusual flavor among the regular fruit and desserts variations: gin and tonic. And it’s not just made to taste like the cocktail. It actually contains alcohol.

As the BBC reports, tubs of the yogurt contain 0.25 percent alcohol, meaning that your morning could now taste like a night out on the town. An organic foods brand called Rachel’s makes the Gin & Lemon Greek style yogurt.

A food development chef at Sainsbury’s said that there are more gin flavored snacks to come in the near future, and indeed you can already find gin and tonic smoked salmon and alcoholic ice cream in the supermarket’s aisles. The BBC has dubbed the recent boom in gin sales—they reached over £1 billion in the U.K. alone last year—the “Ginaissance.”

According to an expert from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, the gin and tonic yogurt only hints at the flavor of the actual cocktail, so you if you decide to sample this food oddity, you won’t have to worry about your coworkers thinking you smell like booze at a socially unacceptable hour.

Sure, yogurt mixed with gin does seem like a strange combination—one is a mainstay of the breakfast table, the other is a regular at the cocktail lounge. Why not bring the two classics together, especially in England, where the Queen herself is rumored to enjoy a gin drink every once in a while? And if you enjoy gin and tonic in a glass rather than on a spoon, Spanish chef José Andrés recently shared his recipe for the perfect gin and tonic with Food & Wine.