The world's first anti-aging gin contains collagen, among other skin-enhancing additives.

By James Oliver Cury
Updated May 24, 2017
© Bompas & Parr

It is hard to take a new gin seriously when it's being pitched as "the alcoholic equivalent of a facial." But spirits can have all kinds of medicinal properties—for stomach aches, colds, anxiety, you name it. And science has long said that drinking anything in moderation can be good for the heart. So let us now consider Anti-AGin, a 40-percent A.B.V. spirit made for the Warner Leisure Hotels by the alchemists Bompas & Parr.

One glance at the name and you know this is not going to be the next must-have spirit for speakeasy-lovin' drink nerds (unless they're being ironic). This is a drink for people with a purpose. And that purpose, other than getting drunk, is looking younger. Anti-AGin is the first gin to claim it can "rejuvenate" skin.

How does it to do this? With "age-defying botanicals" of course. Instead of playing up, say, the flavors of the juniper or coriander seeds like other gins do, Anti-AGin points to collagen (an anti-wrinkle substance), nettles (containing mineral content for cell rejuvenation), Gotu Kola (which inhibits scar formation and combats cellulite), chamomile (for healing and relaxing), witch hazel oil (which kills bacteria within the skin's pores), burdock (high in antioxidants to repair cracked skin) and green tea, which clears the body of impurities.

The product is currently on sale for £34.99 ($50.33) at, where you can also find cocktail recipes for "Sixty Going on Fortini" and "Skin & Tonic."

[h/t The Spirits Business]