Here's how they did it. 
moonshot gin
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Here’s something you probably didn’t know you needed until now: Space gin.

The folks over at Firebox have created Moonshot gin, which is exactly what it sounds like. They gathered some essential botanical ingredients of gin—juniper berries, coriander, chamomile flowers—added a few actual moon rocks to the mix, and then shot the whole concoction into the space. The ingredients reached an altitude of 24 kilometers into Earth’s stratosphere, where the gin was exposed to extremely low temperatures and pressures. The ingredients were then vacuum distilled when they returned Earth side—moon rocks included. You can watch the entire process in a video on their website.

Moonshot gin sounds like the perfect gift for the sci-lover in your life, but unfortunately Firebox isn’t as of yet able to ship to the United States.

Besides the fact that you’ll be able to brag to your friends at your next party that their drinks have something in common with Neil Armstrong, Firebox says their gin still tastes like gin should—“spiced and citrusy." And while you do get a little taste of an actual planetary body in there, there are sadly no notes of extraterrestrial life or what it’s like to see the planet from above, included.