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gin flavored cheese
Credit: Courtesy of Cheshire Cheese Company

When it comes to cheese, most devotees of dairy would happily try any variety that you put in front of them. Stinky, gooey, salty—you name it. But would you be brave enough to try a cheese infused with alcohol? A cheesemaker in England, called the Cheshire Cheese Company, is putting your love of cheese to the test with exactly that—a gin-flavored cheese called Gin and Lemon Cheshire Cheese.

According to the company's website, the cheese is “a masterful balance of gin and lemons,” that features “slight acidity,” and a “melt in the mouth sensation.”

Although it might sound like an odd combination, Cheshire Cheese Company picked up the Bronze Award at the 2017 International Cheese Awards for its creation. So yes, as well as being novelty, it probably tastes great, too. Thank goodness, because it’s easy to imagine a dairy product flavored to taste like gin going very, very wrong. Then again, there is that gin and tonic flavored yogurt.

Cheshire seems to like to play with alcohol when it comes to creating new cheeses: The company also makes a cheddar cheese with ginger and Irish Whiskey, and another mild cheddar made with ale and mustard.

Cheese is often best enjoyed as an appetizer alongside your favorite drink, and although people usually take a sip of their drink and then take a bite of cheese, why not combine both experiences into one snack? A gin-infused cheese could give new meaning to your cocktail party experience.

Cheshire Cheese Company isn’t the first cheese producer to come up with a game changer like this: Last month, The Great British Cheese Company released a bright pink cheese that boasts both raspberry and Prosecco flavors—the ultimate accompaniment to any wine and cheese party.

The Gin and Lemon cheese is in stock on the company’s website at the moment, but who knows how long it will last. For any gin or cheese (or both) obsessed people in your life, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer.