And the gin itself is perfectly pink for the holiday-themed item.


Kinder Surprise eggs — a brand of hollow chocolate eggs with a toy hidden on the inside — are common throughout Europe, but they are banned in the United States thanks to an FDA rule that prohibits “imbedded non-nutritive objects” in food, in part because they could be harmful for children as a choking hazard. Well, here’s another non-child-friendly European product — from England specifically — that the FDA is sure to hate: a chocolate egg with a whole damn bottle of gin in it!

Just in time for Easter, a chocolatier and a distillery — both located in the Manchester area — have teamed up to release gin bottles that are (mostly) surrounded by a large chocolate egg. Slattery, which has been a U.K. patissier and chocolatier since 1967, was commissioned by Zymurgorium, which bills itself as Manchester’s first distillery after it started producing gin in 2014, to make large chocolate eggs big enough to hold a 500-milliliter bottle of the brand’s gin. The results come in two different iterations for anyone looking to celebrate Easter with a G&T: One version contains Realm of the Unicorn gin, a 20-percent ABV pink “unicorn” gin with notes of toasted marshmallow; the other egg contains a bottle of Zymurgorium’s new FlaGinGo, a 38-percent ABV pink gin flavored with mango, pineapple, passionfruit, allspice, and ginger.

Credit: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

As for the eggs themselves, the Manchester Evening News explains that they are a milk chocolate shell coated in white and strawberry chocolate which then receive an additional layer of pearlescent shimmer, followed with drips of either with milk chocolate (for the Realm of the Unicorn eggs) or silver white chocolate (for the FlaGinGo eggs). The two products are priced at about $65 and $78 respectively — though both are only seeing an extremely limited release at select locations around Manchester.

“All our Easter eggs are made by hand, and we have a skilled team of chocolatiers and cake decorators that are involved in the process. Each year we bring back old favorites like the unicorn and circus egg which are always popular, but we always try and create new and exciting ideas,” a Slattery spokesperson told the Metro UK. “As our eggs are handmade and have lots of intricate work, the majority are collection only as they are too fragile to send by courier. We have a small selection on our website that we are able to post throughout the UK.”