Small-batch, locally sourced, and at your doorstep ready to be munched on.
Credit: Getty Images / Elena Veselova

If you're a hardcore chips and salsa lover—and we're not talking someone who will go for chips and salsa if they happen to be out at a party; we're talking someone who keeps them around the house as a go-to snack—then this Kickstarter campaign is about to make your day. The Gilly Loco Hot Box may sound like it's an enclosed room hot boxed with fumes of Gillyweed from Harry Potter (okay, just us?), but it's actually a chips and salsa subscription service that will send you a variety pack of flavored tortilla chips and different types of salsa each month.

Gilly Loco is a small-batch salsa company from Albuquerque, New Mexico. There are a bunch of different delivery/subscription options available. At the low end, a $23 pledge will get you a "Snack Pack," which is one bag of Gilly Loco's tortilla chips (which, they like to specify, are cooked in coconut oil) and three 8-ounce jars of Gilly Loco salsa, letting you choose the flavors. At the high end, $348 will get you twelve deliveries of two bags of the chips and four 8-ounce salsa jars of your choice. That's $29 per month, which definitely isn't, like, a steal, but it's definitely not bad for a significant quantity of small-batch, U.S.-grown salsa.

If you're looking for the perfect birthday gift (or Valentine's Day gift—we won't judge) for a salsa lover in your life, $65 will get three deliveries of the snack pack, which seems like just enough time and salsa to say, "Hey isn't it cool that you're getting a monthly delivery of chips and salsa?" but not so much that you have to say, "okay, we really need to stop spending all our savings on chips and salsa."

You can pledge at the Gilly Loco Hot Box's Kickstarter. And get to it: right now, they have less than 1% of their goal, but we've got 33 days to change that.