After a series of delays, Gik's blue-tinted wine will arrive in America this fall. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated August 25, 2017
blue wine
Credit: Courtesy of Gïk Live!

Blue wine, that Instagram-worthy, royally-hued take on wine, is finally, at long last, after so many teases, coming to the United States.

Food & Wine reported all the way back in April that the blue wine, produced by the Spanish company Gik, was available for pre-order to be delivered to the U.S., but it never shipped, dashing the hopes of those who wanted to liven up their next party with the distinctly offbeat wine.

The drink, which gets its color from indigo dye and a compound derived from the skin of red grapes called anthocyanin, got pushback from regulators in the E.U. They argued that the product shouldn’t even be called wine because it doesn’t fit into the definitions of wine set down the government. The E.U. pulled bottles from shelves and stopped all deliveries, but it returned to the market this spring after complying with labeling laws by changing its signifier to an “alcoholic beverage.”

Today, Eater reports that when Gik’s blue wine will hit shelves in America in September, it will actually be allowed to call itself by that "wine" moniker—long-awaited justice according to the producers, who say that the E.U. labeling is unfair because their product is 100 percent grapes.

The initial Gik launch will happen in Miami, Boston, and in several parts of Texas. The brand already has plans to expand their reach to New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, California, and Nevada.

“Gik is not just a blue wine, but a revolution in the world of wine,” Aritz López, co-founder of the company, told Eater.

Yes, blue wine is something new for the wine world, but could it catch on the way rosé did? Keep a close on eye on your Instagram this fall—perhaps by then, all our wine glasses will be awash with blue.