It will be almost three times bigger than the Seattle Roastery.

starbucks reserve in chicago
Credit: © Starbucks

First there was the Unicorn Frappuccino, then the rumored Dragon Frappuccino, and finally (though there still may be more to come) the Pink Pegasus Frap...all of which elicited pretty extreme responses from patrons and baristas alike.

Well, Starbucks is up to something yet again, but this time, there might not be quite as much controversy involved. At least, we don't think so. The mega-corporation plans to open a huge, upscale store and Roastery in Chicago, and judging from the awesome experiences that are already being offered at its existing Roastery in Seattle, Midwesterners can expect a near Willy Wonka-esque array of coffee-related treats.

On Wednesday, the coffee behemoth announced that it will open the four-story, 43,000 square-foot Roastery—its third in the U.S.—in 2019. On-site and in-house, baristas will roast small-batch coffees, serve specialty beverages inspired by cocktails, and even sell fresh, artisan baked goods. It'll be located on the Magnificent Mile along North Michigan Ave.

Compared to its promised 43,000 square feet, the Chicago blueprint makes the Seattle Starbucks Roastery look tiny at just 15,000. That's pretty shocking, considering that the Seattle Roastery, which opened in 2014, is enormous in its own right. It features a tasting room with a selection that changes daily and seasonally, a library, a pizza restaurant called Serious Pie, and a chance to watch the entire coffee-creating process. There's even an entire affogato menu featuring many different versions of the espresso pour-over drinks.

The new location, which Starbucks says will be a “fully sensorial coffee environment with roasting, brewing, and packaging of the company’s rare small-batch Starbucks Reserves coffees," will arrive a year after the expected 2018 arrival of the New York City Roastery. But if its size is any indication of how many incredible amenities can be packed inside, we think it'll be worth waiting for.