Joe Jutras has become the first person to have set records for heaviest pumpkin, longest gourd and heaviest squash.
giant pumpkin records at weigh off
Credit: Noushin Nourizadeh / Getty Images

Call him the "biggest" name in the world of farming. This past Saturday, Joe Jutras set himself apart from other top performers in the highly contested world of competitive gourd growing when his green squash weighed in at 2,118 pounds, which not only notched him a victory at the 2017 SNGPG Frerichs Farm Weigh Off, but also landed him a new world record in the squash category. With this win, Jutras became the first grower ever to score world records in the hobby's three most coveted categories: heaviest pumpkin, longest long gourd and heaviest squash – an unprecedented trifecta.

"It feels great," Jutras told the Associated Press on Monday. "It's really been a goal of mine to try to achieve this." And it's been a long time coming. The Rhode Islander broke the first of the three world records back in 2006 with a then-world's longest gourd. The following year, he landed his second world record with a 1,689-pound pumpkin. Both those records have since been surpassed – according to Guinness, the current world's largest pumpkin record is an absurd 2,624 pounds – but now, with his 2017 squash record, Jutras is the lone grower to have held all three achievements at some point in his career.

Jutras, apparently a relatively humble man at age 62, reportedly admitted to the AP that other fruit and vegetable farmers had scored multiple world records in the past, but that those were in categories that aren't as competitive as the big boys in the gourd genus. And thanks to that success, Jutras is set to get one of the hobby's highest honors: He'll be receiving a "green jacket" at this February's Great Pumpkin Commonwealth convention in Oregon, what the AP referred to as "the NFL of giant fruit and vegetable growing."

For those interested in seeing Jutras's record breaking squash, it's scheduled to be on display at the New York Botanical Gardens in New York City this month. As for Jutras, he says he has his eye on another record: the bushel gourd. "I think the record now is about 279 pounds," he said. "That might be something I might want to get into a bit."