14 Things That Got People Kicked Out of Bars and Restaurants

"Apparently snorting lines of sugar like it was cocaine is not something they appreciate at the Old Country Buffet."

Getting kicked out of bars
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We all make mistakes, and sometimes, those mistakes have consequences—including, but not limited to, being kicked out of a private establishment for making Daughtry play on the jukebox for four hours straight. Almost everyone can recall witnessing a patron get kicked out of a bar or restaurant, but the reasons for the extraction aren't always what you'd think ... though vomiting, extreme drunkenness, and abuse of jukeboxes seem to be motifs.

We asked Twitter, friends, and internet strangers to share stories of times they've been asked to leave an establishment because of their behavior. So, here are things you should definitely avoid doing next time you are out to eat or drink:

1. "I once got kicked out of a wretched bar in Poughkeepsie because the person I was seeing at the time put 'Under Pressure' on the jukebox about 700 times in a row. When it came on for maybe the fifth time, the bartender practically lept over the bar and dragged us both out."

2. "I was kicked out of this bar in Atlanta. We used to joke about turning over tables when angry, and one night I made the joke using the table as a prop, except it was a shitty bar height table and it fell over, breaking all bottles on top. I was carried out by security guards, movie-style."

3. "Boy Scouts trip to Minnesota for a week of canoeing. Convoy of about eighteen Boy Scouts, six adults. Stopped off at an Old Country Buffet for dinner. Adults sat apart from us. Apparently snorting lines of sugar like it was cocaine is not something they appreciate at the Old Country Buffet."

4. "I puked under a table. I was banned."

5. "I had to vomit and didn't make it to the toilet."

6. "I started juggling bottles and dropped one."

7. "Some awful drunk misogynist made some gross sexual comment to the owner's wife when she was sitting next to him at the bar, and he was standing right there and heard, so he said, 'You can finish that drink, but after that you need to leave and never come back.'"

8. "My group was kicked out of a Waffle House in probably '98 in the middle of the night because one my friends paid for 'Block Rockin' Beats' by The Chemical Brothers to play 14 times on the jukebox."

9. "There were several incidents in college, but back then, just getting let into the club was a victory, so getting kicked out wasn't a big deal."

10. "At a restaurant in New Jersey. August 2015. They told us we had five minutes to gather our shit before they physically remove us. We'd been playing rosé pong all afternoon."

11. "I got kicked out of a crappy college bar for drinking Goldschlager and then puking in a trashcan. The bouncer was mad because it was outside liquor, but it wasn’t even mine."

12. "I've been kicked out of two bars. One on my 21st birthday for dancing to 'In your Eyes.' They told me, 'This bar doesn't have a dance floor, get out.' The second time was for tripping and falling in a bar. They said I was too drunk and told me to leave. (I wasn't that drunk; I just tripped.)"

13. "I went to the door and claimed I was someone from the radio station that promotes the band; I knew the guy's name. After half an hour, the bouncers and real radio guy found me and kicked me out. Then I climbed on the roof of the building next door, jumped across the gap and got in again. And then I got kicked out again."

14. "I got kicked out of an Olive Garden for taking 'Unlimited Breadsticks' seriously. If they are going to have the gall to call it unlimited, why would they kick me out after 2.5 hours?"

All stories have been edited for length and clarity.

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