By Noah Kaufman
Updated September 09, 2015
© The Licktators UK Ltd.

For the cool kids who owned a Discman back in the late '90s, the words “woo hoo” will forever remain tied to the raucous, barely understandable chorus of Blur’s "Song 2." And now the quartet has another addictive addition to your life. We’re not talking about their new studio album (their first in more than a decade)—we’re talking ice cream. Self-styled British “ice cream revolutionaries” Licktators are responsible for the new Blur ice cream named The Magic Whip after the new album. You might remember Licktators as the creamery that celebrated the birth of the new royal baby with breast milk ice cream. The Britpop dessert—vanilla custard laced with raspberry sauce—is a bit more reserved.

Blur-inspired ice cream actually fits in well with some of the band’s extracurricular activities. In 2011, bassist Alex James made a series of unorthodox cheeses, including a ketchup cheddar. Perhaps unsurprisingly, ketchup cheese did not catch on. But so far the ice cream seems to be a hit. Food trucks sold it all over London, and now the band plans to sell it on their upcoming tour. In response to all of this, we would like to quote our 14-year-old selves: “Woo hoo.”