Ghostbusters, J.S. Burgers
Credit: Ghostbusters TM & © 2016 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.

If you're both pumped and Puft for the upcoming Ghostbusters premiere, then this burger was pretty much made for you. Okay, so "burger" refers more to the shape than the actual contents here, because this tribute to the Stay Puft marshmallow man—a marshmallow burger with a marshmallow bun, toped with raspberry sauce and chocolate fudge, and filled with cookies—may not quite fit the traditional definition of burger.

The "Marshmallow Mad Burger" comes as part of Japanese burger chain J.S. Burgers Café's limited edition Ghostbusters menu, a collection of themed diner fare and merchandise.

Other spooky items on the Ghostbusters menu? J.S. Burgers is serving the "G.B. Burger", a black-bunned beef patty with purple cabbage, dyed with black olive and anchovy paste.

If unnaturally colored burgers aren't the sort of thing that gets you into the ghost-busting spirit, maybe a weirdly grimy-looking drink will do the trick. A smoothie inspired by Slimer is filled with all kinds of green stuff (but mostly kiwi) and, to keep with the burger café theme, topped with little burger candies.

If you need something that really looks like the New York sewer threw up on it (there's a Ghostbusters tie-in here somewhere...), try the Black Dust Chips. Topped with black chili and red hot sauce.

These burgers and snacks will be available July 1st – September 30th in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Ikebukuro, so keep an eye out for some pretty ectoplasmic food Instagrams from Japan in the near future.