By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 29, 2014
© Toby Summerskill

Industry insiders will probably tell you that the next big menu trend is tablets and touchscreens. But one London bar doesn’t need all those technological advances and is instead going with a throwback—like, all the way back to your childhood—a pop-up book menu.

The Deco-style Beaufort Bar at London’s Savoy Hotel recently commissioned paper engineer Helen Friel to create a custom 3-D pop-up book menu featuring a paper take on all of its signature drinks.

“As far as we know it’s a world first,” Friel says. Cheers to head barman Chris Moore, who came up with the idea, and Joe Wilson, the illustrator. Buy those guys a drink if you happen to see them.

The only concern has to be how to take care of such magnificent menus. I remember pop-up books being pretty easy to damage as a kid, and that’s while I was sober.

Here are a few pages from the menu: