The Tlayuda (Tortilla with Fried Eggs, Queso and Chorizo)
Credit: © Giuseppe Falco / Pachanga Patterson

Where: Pachanga Patterson, Astoria, Queens

What: Crispy, spicy, covered in chorizo and cheese; what's not to love? At Pachanga Patterson in Astoria, the tlayuda, a Oaxacan street food favorite, is a brunchtime hit. A thin toasted tortilla is piled with refried beans, queso fresco, a sunnyside up egg, and plenty of chorizo—no further endorsement required.

Wash it down with: Tequila is your go-to here, whether the house hibiscus margarita or the "Coriander en Fuego," with Espolon reposado tequila, Fresno peppers, lime and cilantro.