In his hilarious new book Food: A Love Story (which is out today!), comedian Jim Gaffigan pokes fun at Brussels sprouts (“Clearly some kind of Cruel joke by God”) and waxes poetic about gravy.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan loves eating food almost as much as he loves making fun of it. In his hilarious new book Food: A Love Story (which is out today!), he pokes fun at Brussels sprouts (“clearly some kind of cruel joke by God”) and waxes poetic about gravy, but the comedian never intended to be known as “the food comic.” “I like my topics to be universal, and I don’t like to do comedy that’s at the expense of other people,” says Gaffigan. “People don’t really get that offended if you’re complaining about kale. I might lose some kale farmers, but I think I’m alright.” That wasn’t the only one of Gaffigan’s answers that surprised us—take our quiz below to see how well you know the food-obsessed funnyman.

1. What’s the weirdest thing Jim Gaffigan has ever eaten?
A) sheep head
B) fried grasshoppers
C) rotten shark meat
D) chocolate covered jalapenos

2. What does Jim Gaffigan call Louisiana?
A) Alligator Jerky Land
B) Bourbon Beach
C) Super Bowl Sunday Foodland
D) Food Anxiety Land

3. Jim Gaffigan can never go out to dinner because he has this many children:
A) 2
B) 5
C) 9
D) 3

3. What food does Jim Gaffigan predict will be the next big food craze?
A) Dippin’ Dots
B) The empanada
C) The knish
D) Macaroni and cheese waffles

4. Which of the following did Jim Gaffigan receive as a 9th birthday gift?
A) An Easy Bake Oven
B) A cheese-of-the-month subscription and a box of crackers
C) A hot air popcorn popper and a six-pack of Dr. Pepper
D) All of the above

5. What food did Jim Gaffigan ruin for his wife (and co-writer) Jeannie Gaffigan in his standup act?
A) Lobster, by comparing shellfish to cockroaches
B) Hot dogs, by saying “They’re like strippers; no one wants to know the backstory.”
C) Kale, by calling it “the early morning of foods”
D) Hot Pockets, by saying they’re for hillbillies

6. What would a young Jim Gaffigan eat after bombing standup sets in New York?
A) Gray’s Papaya hot dogs
B) An entire box of Entenmann’s doughnuts
C) Halal lamb and rice from a street cart
D) A hot H&H bagel

7) Which of these is a real restaurant concept that Jim Gaffigan loves?
A) A Downton Abbey-themed restaurant where you’re encouraged to speak in British accents and be rude to the staff
B) A zombie-themed fast food restaurant that serves cheeseburgers with names like The Walking Ched
C) A baby-themed restaurant where you drink wine out of baby bottles.
D) A space-themed restaurant where all the dishes are made out of freeze-dried astronaut food


1) A, though his hosts during a comedy tour of Icelandic did try to serve him the shark meat, called hakarl, which is usually also soaked in shark urine. “The smell was unbelievable,” he says.
2) D
3) B, says Gaffigan "I love going out to dinner. I don’t get to do it often because I have five kids, but it’s the closest thing we’ll every come to experiencing royalty! They treat you like a prince—they even open the bottle of wine at the table so a peasant can’t poison you."
4) C
5) A, Shellfish is the only food Gaffigan has ruined (so far) for his wife, though all of the other options are real jokes he’s made in the past.
6) D
7) B, Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa. Says Gaffigan, “I’m really into the show The Walking Dead and then I discovered this place I love, Zombie Burger. The burgers all have stunt names like 28 Days Later. But watching The Walking Dead shouldn’t make you hungry, you know what I mean?”