Taylor Swift isn’t just a pop music phenomenon; she’s become a cultural icon. I’m sure many of her fans would love the opportunity to get inside her head and see what makes the young phenom tick. Though that figurative proposition may be impossible, thanks to a farm in Maryland, you can literally walk around inside Taylor Swift’s head. And maybe instead of picking her brain, you can pick some corn.

Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland, has created a 12-acre Taylor Swift corn maze. It features the singer’s face holding a microphone, framed above by the saying “Dare to Be Different.” The maze even earned the pop star’s blessing: She gave it a shout-out on her Instagram account. Hopefully all 46 million of her followers don’t decide to show up at once. That could spell disaster for the farm’s cider supply.

The maze will be open for business as part of Summer Farm’s 19th Annual Fall Harvest Festival from September 26 to November 1. Whether you find navigating it easy or difficult will probably depend on how well you know Taylor Swift’s face. For your own sake, I hope you’ve spent plenty of time gazing into her eyes longingly—otherwise you may never make it out alive.