The fifth season of Downton Abbey premiered in the United States last night. Fans of the show got a sneak preview of Season 5’s first episode at an event hosted by Georgia Public Radio in Atlanta last month. What was possibly even more impressive than the show itself was this amazingly lifelike bust of the Dowager Countess herself, Lady Violet Crawley (as portrayed by Maggie Smith), created in cake form.

Made with vanilla cake and buttercream with an Earl Grey tea soak, this dessert, befitting the nobility it portrays, took cake and chocolate artist Karen Portaleo 18 hours to finish. Portaleo offered up a series of photos of the cake’s preparation on her website, including the very creepy early stages, in which the countess was nothing more than a bald, eyeless freak.

While you’re on Portaleo’s site, you can check out many of her other amazing sugary creations that you’re sure to enjoy even if you don’t know your Lady Mary Crawleys from your Anna Bateses.