Credit: © Lo Spiedo

Pasta: A safe lunch choice. Fried pasta…a little nutty. A fried pasta sandwich? We’re gonna need a minute.

Offered as a rotating special at acclaimed Italian chef Marc Vetri's Lo Spiedo, this sandwich is the madcap creation of culinary director and partner Brad Spence, inspired by a similar version he came across during his travels through Rome last year.

In Italy, it seemed like a cross between a croquette and fried risotto-ball arancini, and Spence loved the idea of substituting pasta for the rice—pretty ingenious, we think.

The bread: A soft Martin’s “Big Marty” Potato Roll, spread with a basil pesto.

The filling: Spence starts with bucatini all' Amatriciana, with chili, San Marzano tomatoes, onion, and bacon. Once the noodles are blanched, they're folded together with that sauce, butter, Parm, and Pecorino, then cooled, breaded, and fried for the most ridiculous fried-pasta patty we've ever seen.