Foreman has rarely talked about how this legendary grill came to be—until now.
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Have you ever been curious about the origins of former boxer-turned-grillmaster George Foreman’s line of fat-reducing grillware. Foreman was one of the most prominent American professional boxers of the 1970s, duking it out in the ring with not only the likes of boxing legends Joe Frazzier and Muhammad Ali, but earning the title of Olympic gold medalist and two-time world heavyweight champion. After retiring in the late ‘70s, he would make a short comeback in 1994 to reclaim his heavyweight champion status.

In that same year, he would also introduce America to what would become one of the most recognized pieces of health-conscious grillware: The George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. The indoor, electrically heated grill became a sensation that has sold over 100 million worldwide, and a line that features several models and other grilling accessories meant to satisfy Americans’ various fat-shredding needs. In the cycle of fast, high-protein weight loss fads like Atkins, Foreman’s grill made losing pounds and eating healthier seem easier and quicker than ever.

But Foreman has rarely talked about how this legendary grill came to be—until now. The spokesman, former boxer and entrepreneur recently revealed the hard-hitting truth behind one of America’s favorite grills and it’s the funniest, most boxer thing you’ve ever heard. After a Twitter user encouraged people to remember what Foreman was doing (and who he was losing to) before he launched his own grill brand, Foreman responded that the idea for the grill was in fact inspired by that history-making “Rumble in the Jungle” defeat.

According to Foreman, while he was knocked out, he experienced meat yelling at him about being “grilled.” So in short, the meat made him do it. According to wrestler Hulk Hogan, who has claimed the iconic grill line was first offered to him, Foreman’s story isn’t entirely true. We do also know that Foreman didn’t come up with the concept of the grill himself. Still, the concept of meat whipping you into shape is rather fitting, as this one Twitter user acknowledged.