The man needs his coffee.
george clooney nespresso muppets
Credit: © Rainer Hosch

George Clooney is a man desperate for a cup of coffee. At least that’s how it looks in the new ad he’s in for Nespresso. The spot, which features Clooney racing through old movies from Psycho to Smokey and the Bandit to The Muppet Movie to get to the nearest Nespresso shop (which seems to be about 2000 miles away), is the newest go-round for the two time World’s Sexiest Man as Nespresso’s brand ambassador after a campaign that saw him making a gentleman out of Danny DeVito.

The Nespresso ads are part of a continuing trend of A-list actors putting their names behind products. Years ago Clooney, and lots of other stars at his level, stayed away from doing commercials (at least in the U.S.—Clooney starred in a series of Japanese ads for Kirin beer, for example). But celebrities have come around on advertising. Even the Swedish Chef is becoming a fuzzy, incomprehensible spokesman now.

As for the actual coffee the future father of twins is chasing in the ad, it’s part of a rollout of Nespresso capsules for the company’s new VertuoPlus machine that people in the Food & Wine office have actually enjoyed quite a bit. Now if we only had Clooney’s silver fox good looks we’d really be going places.

Check out the full ad below and for more coffee recommendations see the rest of the ways the F&W team likes to brew its morning cup here.